Oct 2013 Harvest comments

chateau de targe

 After a cold, damp winter and a dull, particularly rainy spring , the weather finally changed at the end of June - to every one's delight -  and became hot and dry . The late flowering took place in good conditions and the three weeks delay in relation to the past few years was reduced to two weeks. Then just before the Autumn equinox we had a welcome 40 mm of rain.  After that, the weather became rather unpredictable, fluctuating between hot, humid, sunny and grey : perfect conditions for ripening ... but also for rot.

The Chenin Blanc harvest in several tris for the Crémants went well, and  we made more than expected, in spite of a severe selection to guarantee the finesse of the bubbles. The "Les Fresnettes" harvest was more difficult, with smaller yields, because although full maturity was reached, the alcoholic degree was not as high as we'd hoped ... but there is fruit, fat, and structure. A twice weekly bâtonnage (stirring the lees at the bottom of the cask to put them back in suspension – good for the arm muscles!)  will be more than necessary this year.

The Reds, paradoxically, were harvested in good shape, as the thick skins of the Cabernet Franc  protected them from rot. They were harvested in the nick of time. Once again we'll be making  fruity, fresh, elegant reds. And there is even a new cuvée in the making, which will be less tannic but more rounded than the Cuvée Ferry....Wait and see !