February 2013 : Downpours and coteau

chateau de targe

It has fallen 480 mm in the Maine-et-Loire, against 300 mm on average, the period known as replenishment of aquifers from October to March. 60% more than a normal year. We must return to 2000-2001 with 491 mm of rain to break this record. Here ! 2001, the year in which the rampart of the Castle of Saumur collapsed ...

 I am delighted, so delighted to have done last Fall strengthened pillars in a cellar that is going further down under the vineyard behind the Chateau. The bill was nevertheless more than spiced : 60,000 euros excluding taxes ... But prevention is much cheaper than cure, even more as the soil above is up to Cru leel !

 In the picture we can see the beginning of a disintegration vertical pillar right before consolidation

Sur la photo on voit bien le début d'un délitement vertical du pilier à droite, avant consolidation