Capricious weather in Targ»

In May, while the shoot was going normally out of the winter, a slight cold that  remembers everyone including urban cloistered in their offices remained several weeks. The result is that the output of the bud development were spread, as you can see in the picture 1 below attached. However, this is not the first time that happens, we do not attach too much importance for a late spring and a warm summer to allow the vine to "redo". I admit that it can also do all the work quietly without spring stampede as tillage as you can see on the picture 2.

And PATATRAS ..! May 30 at 16 h 45 a rain calm intensifies to become torrential as evidenced by the photo 3: close to 30 mm in 20 minutes, and 50 mm with neighbors! And a violent wind, which breaks the
upright cane (photo 4) with a good hail which provoqued 20% damage (more than 60% of said neighbors)

And since this moment,  rains and rains succeed, with just
enough lull  to do the treatments. I hire many people because we have to save the Soldier Bunch of Grapes. This is where the Bios are very strained. I'm happy to be just Bio for the ground, but not necessarily for treatment because mine can spend a dozen or fifteen days without having to use the tractor while my immediate neighbor had to do five treatments in two weeks.

Extract from local newspaper: 1 April - 30 June: 228 mm of rain! * This Spring 2012 is in the fourth position among the wettest since after the war, "says Jean-François Rigourd technician at Météo France.
Not only it is raining, but the colder it gets! The temperatures of the last three months have ranged between 9.5 and 19 °. The offender: largely the sun which  has pointed the tip of its rays
only 151h against an average of  227h ...

The annual average of rainfall in Saumur is 540 mm against 900 mm  of national average so that Saumur - Chinon corner is the hottest and driest of the Loire:  that is why we can even make great red wine...