April 2011 : Pierre Seillan's consecration by Robert Parker

Pierre Seillan, the winemaker of St Emilion, who helped me to create the Quintessence de Targé, and flying winemaker in Tuscany (Italia) and in Sonoma (Northern California), has been recently consecrated by a second note of 100/100 by Robert Parker, the  famous US Wine Advocate whose tasting notes are so much dreaded when published.

I am even more proud as his second note of 100/100 concerns a Californian red wine, with no less than 60 % of Cabernet Franc (and 35 % of Merlot) while the Quintessence de Targé (100 % Cabernet Franc) follows more or less the same process!

Born in the SouthWest of France, this good old friend - he helped me to restart the Château de Targé winery when I inherited it 35 years ago - fell then "in love" of the Loire Valley Cabernet Franc, and obviously for ever.