December 2010: a sparkling Saumur out of a great terroir

Read in the local newspaper "Le Courrier de l'Ouest", last dec 21st:

"François Vicente, cavist of the Vins & Company in the south of Saumur, selected Chateau de Targé's production from Parnay for two reasons. While this bottle was elaborated with the strict specifications used for Crémant de Loire - manual harvest, ageing on laths for more than 24 months, etc. - Edouard Pisani-Ferry decided to keep the Appellation Saumur Brut. An elegant - as the wine - way to show the value of the terroir.

"It is a tip of the hat for a balanced wine, lightly oaked, bold and round. An interesting thin bubble structure which will be perfectly adequate for an aperitive. - 11euros"