February 2010 : Published in the 20 Minutes parisian newspaper

Saumur-Champigny, a vineyard model. 20 Minutes, February 2010

"The vineyard of Saumur-Champigny is the first AOC to be committed to a program of implementation of biodiversity in all its terroir.

More than two years ago, growers have joined together to establish a network of Ecological Zones Tanks (RSA) of the nine municipalities of the AOC. No input of pesticides and fertilizers does natural regulation of the agro-ecosystem wine. For growers who engage in this process of restoring the ecological balance, this means to stimulate and increase biodiversity by planting a hedgerow network with various species of shrubs to shelter birds and insects.

This AOC has many settings that promote the culture of the vine which is staged on hillsides along the Loire. The richness of its clay-limestone soil and the presence of limestone in the basement, the Upper Cretaceous limestone absorbs winter precipitation and return it sparingly during periods of drought avoiding the grapes to suffer. This soil has the particularity to store the heat of the day and return them overnight, hence the Latin name "Campus ignis" which means field of fire. Always anxious to preserve the typicity of the terroir and the unique personality of its wines, Union producers of Saumur-Champigny supports growers who perpetuate a true expertise on a local history since the vines are cultivated since the Middle Ages ".