Harvest 2009

The 2009 harvest went really (really) well - magnificant bunches of grapes and not a sign of rot until the superb noble rot that formed on the Chenin destined to make the Coteau de Saumur, which we'd saved to harvest last. Couldn't have been better.

This said, it wasn't an easy year; it was pretty wet in the spring, even during the flowering period, and summer started chaotically, with hail in some regions. But then the weather turned lovely and hot ... and the vines started suffering from drought! Luckily for us, our clay-and-limestone soil had acted as a kind of sponge, storing the water, which it then released to the roots when most needed. In mid-september the much-sought-for rain came, preventing the grapes from drying out on the vines. After this, the weather was wonderful right through to 22nd October. Two days after we'd finished harvesting!

2009 will be a great vintage for the Château de Targé.