September 2009: Cited on the Hachette 2010 wine guide

chateau de targe

Les Fresnettes

Cuvée Les Fresnettes, featured for the fourth year running.  Ed PF
has produced a very promising 2007. True, the oak from the barrel-fermenting
is present, as much on the nose as on the palate, but it makes
it's presence felt with finesse and elegance, bringing out the fresh
citrus and peach flavours in a nice big mouthful. A year's patience
before drinking this wine will be well rewarded.

Saumur Champigny

The story of this château, a former hunting lodge of  Louis XIV's and
XV's personal secretaries, then residence of Jules Ferry,  Léon
Gambetta and Edgar Pisani, is like a resumé of France's political
history. In the same family since 1655, the domaine has been run by
EPF since 1978. "Classic Saumur Champigny, a perfect example of the
appellation" was the conclusion of your tasting panel. This cuvée has
an intense nose evocative of spices (licorice), red fruits
(raspberries) with just a hint of green pepper - a classic Loire
Cabernet nose in fact. And on the palate? Full and round with soft
tannins. Definitely a 'real' Saumur Champigny, worthy of being kept
2-3 years.

Coteaux de Saumur

Who'd believe this is EPF's first-ever Coteaux de Saumur? This 2007
dominates our selection and is one of the most delicious liquoreux
wines of all the appellations. A wine acclaimed as
exceptional due to its balance and an almost ethereal finesse despite
its undeniable richness.
A promisingly intense nose of crystalised fruits is confirmed on the
palate. It's all there - the
characteristic aromas of noble rot and perfectly ripe grapes, a soft
oakiness and of course the freshness and balance due to the limestone
soil. A great wine with good ageing potential.